AlderVisor Taylor is Not a County Supervisor In Franklin City Hall

Mayor Steve Olson admonished a Citizen who referred to Alderman Steve Taylor as AlderVisor Taylor during Citizen comment at the Common Council meeting of February 7th. It has been deemed by the Mayor that Steve Taylor is only an Alderman during the Common Council meetings.

I want to point this out because AlderVisor Taylor has spoken as a County Supervisor at previous Common Council meetings, both while serving as an Alderman under former Mayor Tom Taylor and now under Mayor Steve Olson. A citizen could be very confused as to which role Steve Taylor plays at in a Common Council meeting. So which is it?

AlderVisor Taylor finds the title of AlderVisor disrespectful??

But wait – Then why did he put all this info about his County Supervisor position in his City Bio if he wasn’t an AlderVisor (ignore the man behind the curtain)!

In the Council Chambers he is just an Alderman?

I guess that a citizen would have to respect Steve Taylor in the first place for it to be disrespectful, wouldn’t it?

Lets take a listen to the interchange that happened.